Circuit – Brèves explications

Discover a unique architectural ensemble of more than 50 aboveground and subterranean fortress buildings from more than four centuries on the plateau measuring 9.5 ha! Thereto belong barracks, casemates, armouries, watchtowers, a little “pleasure castle”, a church, elaborate defence facilities, considerable cannons, flowering gardens and fantastic views.  

Perfect for the first orientation on the table mountain and assembled with many photos, historical prospects and videos – for all people who would like to have a deeper insight into the history of Königstein Fortress.

Festung Königstein gGmbH
01824 Königstein

téléphone: +49 (0)35021 64 607

Heures d'ouverture

avril - octobre 9h - 18h
novembre - mars 9h - 17h
Dernière entrée: 1 heure avant
la fermeture de la forteresse